Huobi Blockchain Big Data Weekly Insights (Vol.19 2018/10/10–2018/10/17)

  1. Total Bitcoin transaction volume increased by 31.8% from last week; there were overall 1.67 million transactions, increased by 1.4% from last week, the largest single-week increase in 6 months.
  2. Total Ethereum transaction volume increased by 52.7%; number of transactions increased by 0.8% from last week.
  3. There were significant changes in balance — both net-outflows — to Bitfinex’s Bitcoin and Ethereum cold wallets, totaling -26000 BTC and -21800 ETH.
  4. Number of EOS transactions increased by 66.3% this week; gambling games were the most popular among all dApp categories, accounting for 87.7% of total transaction volume and 90.7% of total number of EOS transactions this week.
  5. TRON English was the most active official cryptocurrency Telegram group this week, eyeing a 265% increase in its activity in two weeks.
  • Social Media Data:
  • Market Trading Data:

1. On-Blockchain Data

1.1 Active Bitcoin Addresses

Active Bitcoin Address (in millions)
New BTC Addresses

1.2 Bitcoin Transactions

Left: BTC trading volume (in million BTC); Right: Number of transactions on BTC network (in million)

1.3 Bitcoin TPS

Bitcoin TPS

1.4 Bitcoin Transaction Fee

Bitcoin Transaction Fee (BTC)

1.5 Concentration of Wealth on Bitcoin

Concentration of Wealth on BTC Network

1.6 BTC Large Transactions Monitor

Large and Extra-large Transactions on BTC Network

1.7 Bitcoin Transaction Volume Distribution

left-Transaction Breakdown by Volume (in thousands); right-Weekly BTC Transaction Distribution

1.8 Change in Balance of Top 30 Bitcoin Addresses

Change in Balance of Top 30 Bitcoin Address
Number of Active Ethereum Addresses (in millions)

1.10 Ethereum Transactions

Left: Overall Trading Volume on ETH (million ETH); Right: Number of Transactions on ETH (in millions)

1.11 Ethereum TPS

1.12 Ethereum Transaction Fee

Ethereum Transaction Fee

1.13 Concentration of Wealth on Ethereum

Concentration of Wealth on ETH

1.14 ETH Large Transactions Monitor

Large and Extra Large Transactions on ETH Network

1.15 Change in Balance of Top 30 Ethereum Addresses

Change in Balance of Top 30 Ethereum Address

1.16 EOS Transactions

EOS Transactions (in millions)

1.17 EOS RAM Utilization and Voting Percentage

Left: RAM Utilization; Right: Voting Percentage on EOS

1.18 EOS DApp Activity

EOS DApp Activity
EOS DAPP Categorization(Left: By Transaction Volume; Right: By Number of Transactions)

2. Social Media Data

2.1 Keyword Analysis (China) Word Analysis
Left: Top Trending Topics on; Right: Least Trending Topics on

2.2 Keyword Analysis (Overseas)

r/CryptoCurrency Word Analysis
Left: Top Trending Topics on r/CryptoCurrency; Right: Least Trending Topics on r/CryptoCurrency
GitHub Code Activity
Telegram Activity
Left: Total EOS Telegram Activity (in Thousands); Right: Total TRX Telegram Activity (in Thousands)

3.Market Data

3.1 Rate of Return/ Trading volume

Rate of Return vs Price Volatility
Pearson Correlations Matrix of Top 10 Cryptocurrencies



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