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On October 15th, codes of 3 proposals (BIP340–342) led by Bitcoin core developer Pieter Wuille were officially merged into the main branch of Bitcoin code [1]. The three proposals included Schnorr, Taproot and Tapscript. The community evaluated this change as the biggest change in Bitcoin since Segregated Witness.

The main goal of Schnorr signature is to replace the current ECDSA signature in Bitcoin. Compared with ECDSA currently adopted by the Bitcoin blockchain, Schnorr has some advantages as follows:

(1) Schnorr signature is highly secure, which can be proved in math, and is not malleable;

(2) The signature can provide privacy protection for multiple…


Huobi Research

We know Blockchain.Huobi Research: At this stage, Sushiswap is very similar to the incentive layer of Uniswap

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